Sitemap Page Options

Add New Page

Add a new page by:

A) Selecting the + beneath the page:

B) Use one of the three keyboard shortcuts to add below (ALT + ↓), add to the right (ALT + →) or to add multiple new pages below (ALT + a number, ie. 1-9):


Add Page Color

Add page color by:

A) selecting the arrow on the top right hand corner of a page, and making your color selection:

B) Use keyboard shortcut CTL + 1-9 to change page color, 1 being white, 2 aqua blue, 3 green, 4 yellow and so on


Duplicate Page

A) Duplicate an entire sitemap from the dropdown menu on the sitemap list page:

B) From the page dropdown menu that appears when hovering over a single page:

C) Using keyboard shortcuts CTRL + ‘,’ to duplicate below or CTRL + ‘.’ to duplicate to the right:


Switch Pages to Vertical

You can easily switch between Horizontal and Vertical View within the new Sitemap View by:

A) Selecting the dropdown arrow on a page, and selecting ‘Switch pages below to vertical’

B) Selecting a page and using the keyboard shortcut ALT + ‘S’


Delete Page

Delete a page by:

A) Selecting the dropdown arrow on a page, and selecting ‘Delete’

B) Selecting a page and using the keyboard shortcut ALT + Delete