Sections e.g. Footer

Plans available to: Professional and Premium

What does ‘Sections’ do?

‘Sections’ let’s you create groups of pages separate from your sitemap tree.



Footer Pages such as Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Cookies Policy, and other legal pages.

Landing Pages which are for traffic or lead generation, and are related to specific marketing campaigns.

Utility pages, like Employee Login, Sitemap, etc.

A Color Key, where you can show the meaning of each page by color. e.g. Your colors could show the status of pages in your sitemap, like a Green page being ‘Complete.’


Add A Section

1. To add your first section, click ‘+ Add Section’ found in the top right hand corner of your sitemap

2. Click ‘Section Title’ to add your title

3. Click the ‘New Page’ box to rename a page in your section

4. Click ‘Add a page…’ in the grey text beneath your new page to add more pages


Changing Color

Change the color of a page by selecting the dropdown arrow on the top right of a page, then choosing your preferred color.


Re-ordering sections

You can re-order your sections up and down as needed. On the right of a section you’ll see an up arrow and a down arrow. Select these to move a section up or down.


Deleting a section

To delete a section, hover over it and then click on the X that appears in the top right hand corner.