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  • Online sitemap builder

    Build a sitemap

    Create sitemaps quickly with a
    dedicated sitemap builder.
    • Add new pages
    • Rename page
    • Change page color
    • Re-order pages
    • Undo & redo
  • Gather content

    Plan the direction of each page with stakeholder input.
    • Format page content
    • Add images
    • Add Title Tag & Meta Description
    • Update page status
    online sitemap builder
  • online sitemap builder footer and key

    Add sections

    Create groups of pages separate from your sitemap.
    • Add pages
    • Change colors
    • Re-order sections & pages
    • Rename sections & pages
    • Delete a section
  • Share and Download

    Provide access to your sitemaps online or offline. Share via a unique URL and enable guest editing
    • CSV Spreadsheet
    • PDF Sitemap
    • Sitemap.XML
    • PDF Content
    sitemap export and sharing options

Site mapping FAQs

What is a sitemap generator?

A sitemap generator is a sitemap tool, or sitemap software, that can help you make a sitemap.

There are different types for creating

  • Visual sitemaps (for website plannning)
  • XML sitemaps (for search engines)
  • HTML sitemaps (for website visitors).

How do I submit my sitemap to Google?

Once your sitemap.xml file is online, in the root folder of your site (beside index.html), it's worth explcitily telling Google where they can find it.

Here's some step-by-step instructions to submit your sitemap to Google - basically jump on Google Search Console and add the URL to your sitemap under Crawl > Sitemaps.

What are some sitemap examples?

Check out 3 visual sitemap examples for websites that sell services, experiences, and products.

Or see explanations of XML sitemaps and HTML sitemaps with screenshot examples.

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