WriteMaps Learning Center

Getting Started with WriteMaps

Hi and welcome to WriteMaps!! 

WriteMaps helps you create visual sitemaps and gather early-stage content ideas for your web project.

Check out a short video, or the screenshots below it, to get started.

Make a Sitemap in 4 Steps

1. Start a new sitemap

From your sitemaps page you can open an existing sitemap, or create a new one.

2. Add pages to your sitemap

In the Sitemap Builder you can add pages, name them, and change their color.

3. Add content to each page

Click the content view tab (top middle of page) or the content icon above each page to easily add content and notes for each page.

4. Share your sitemap with others

Paid users can download the visual sitemap as a PDF file, or Share it via a unique URL. Sharing can be editable or view-only access.