Import Sitemap XML

Plans available to: Premium

This feature allows you to create a visual sitemap from a sitemap.xml or sitemap_index.xml on the web. It creates a structured visual sitemap based on the URL structure.


1. Find your website’s sitemap.xml file, normally found at

2. From your sitemap list page select ‘Create Sitemap from XML’, which you will find in the dropdown beside the ‘Create New Sitemap’ button if on the Premium plan

3. Give your sitemap a name, and paste your sitemap.xml link.

4. Select ‘Create Sitemap’.

If you are not on a Premium plan and want to try this out, when you upgrade for the first time you get 15 days free trial.



  • Can you view the sitemap.xml page at the link you have pasted into WriteMaps? If you can’t view it, then WriteMaps definitely can’t. Test the link first by trying to visit or similar into your browser.
  • Is your SSL certificate valid? When you view the sitemap page in your browser, if it has ‘Privacy Error’ beside the URL then there may be SSL certificate issues to fix before WriteMaps can read this file.
  • If your website has disallowed robots in your robots.txt file and you want to just allow WriteMaps, add ‘User-agent’: ‘WriteMaps Sitemap XML Bot’ and ‘Disallow: ‘ to your robots.txt file.