The WriteMaps' story begins like many software stories...

…a developer built a thing.
online sitemap builder

About Us

  • Online sitemap builder

    Making a sitemap maker

    Scott, a developer in Boston, built WriteMaps 1.0 out of steel and brawn... oh, and some cutting edge jQuery UI tech for 2007.

    The best free sitemapping tool around. Everyone was using it!

    Several oceans away, in a New Zealand web agency, Alex had started using WriteMaps with clients. Projects were delivered, many celebratory Hi-fives occurred.
  • Becoming a business

    Now this side project of Scott's had great success and many users, but he had a lot going on and little time to maintain it. So he announced closure.

    Having seen how useful it was with non-techy clients, and with the naivety of no previous business experience, Alex took the reins to keep WriteMaps alive.
    online sitemap builder
  • debbie

    Faster than a three-toed sloth

    Okay so it took some time, but WriteMaps grew to become a real boy... err business, and an established tool that helps web agencies make beautiful sitemaps in seconds.

    And now we're a software company with a remote team of New Zealanders, doing our thing, building sitemap building tools for the people of the internet.

    The plan is for everyone to sitemap happily every after.

    Thanks for joining in!

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