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Learn About Creating Separate 'Sections'

'Sections' is a feature where you can create groups of pages separate from your sitemap.

section footer pages example


> Footer Pages, such as Privacy Policy, Term's & Conditions, Cookies Policy, and other legal pages.

> Landing Pages, which are for traffic or lead generation, and are related to specific marketing campaigns.

> Utility Pages, like Employee Login, Sitemap, etc

> A Color Key, where you can show the meaning of each page by color. e.g. Your colors could show the status of pages in your sitemap, like a Green page being 'Complete'.

Add A Section

add section

To add your first section, click '+ Add Section' found in the top right hand corner of your sitemap

Using this feature you can create additional sections, give each section a title, create multiple pages within each section, and re-order sections up/down as needed.

To Delete a section, hover over it and then click on the X that appears in the top right hand corner.

If you happen to delete a section by accident, remember you can use the Undo/Redo buttons to retrieve your last steps made within your session.