WriteMaps Bot

WriteMaps Bot Disclosure: Updated 26 November 2019


This disclosure sets out how the WriteMaps Bot operates to provide transparency.

The main purpose of the WriteMaps Bot is to help WriteMaps users understand the current pages and content of a website by crawling website pages and displaying them in a visual manner.

How does the WriteMaps Bot follow best practice when crawling a website?

The WriteMaps Bot aims to respect any website it crawls by:

  • Following rules set out by a website's robots.txt file,
  • Crawling at a rate that won't overload the website, and
  • Being transparent and open about identity and origin.

What information does the WriteMaps Bot collect, and how is it used?

The WriteMaps Bot collects publicly available code within the domain name provided by the WriteMaps user.

As part of this, publicly available personal information may be inadvertently processed and stored. Please review WriteMaps Privacy Policy to see how data is processed and stored.

Where Can I Contact WriteMaps Support?

To ask any questions or report any abuse you can get in touch through ourĀ Contact Page: