About Us

Waging the war on napkins and complicated software!

WriteMaps was created to provide a fast, fun, and easy way to plan websites.

As website project managers, we need to understand what our clients want, and quickly. We need to understand the basic site structure, to have the client engaged in the process and to gather page content into a centralised place.

While individuals can use it to map out their ideas, it’s really meant to solve any and all problems that web companies and designers and developers have with their clients in the scoping, planning, and content-gathering phases.

Full credit goes to the Founder of WriteMaps, Scott Jehl, and all the hard work he put into creating WriteMaps and helping it grow through it’s early years.

Our mission going forward is to continue waging the war on napkins and bad software, by creating an ever-evolving, top notch online tool for planning websites. We want to help you streamline your website planning process, so that you can spend more time adding value to your client.

Thanks for joining in!

The WriteMaps Team.


WriteMaps was designed and developed by Scott Jehl, of http://www.scottjehl.com, as an experiment in trying to make the website planning process more efficient and enjoyable. It’s clear that today more and more tasks are made easier through web applications, and WriteMaps strives to join that cause. The idea for WriteMaps began after writing a tutorial on an html visual sitemap technique. Although crude in appearance, the technique was functional and received great recognition, but unfortunately it required fairly complex code to use. It was good for a proof of concept, but fell short in practicality. The next logical step was to use this technique in a web application as a way of visualizing user-generated content, and WriteMaps was born.